What is CIG Badge?

Badge is used to mark and account the contributions made within CIG. Members can earn Badges by participating in community activities and by redeeming a certain number of badges, you gain community rewards or event access.
CIG Badge is currently planned to be divided into three categories:
  • Contribution badge
  • Professional badge
  • Honour badge
Each group/project/individual can apply to add new badge to get more community benefits and rights.
  • Contribution Badge:
    • A general points badge. A Badge earned by groups/projects/members based on specific contributions after specific events. Community members earn the corresponding POAP after participating in an activity.
      For example, serving as a group leader and providing operational support or a member regularly completing the group's contribution tasks.
  • Professional Badge:
    • A professional skill-based badge. The corresponding badge is issued to members who have a specific specialty and can provide professional competence services, facilitate division of labour and cooperation.
      For example, the editorial team of research newspaper articles will be issued a "master typographer" badge for members in charge of layout and artwork.
  • Honor Badge: The member encourages the community to participate in community activities, and also motivates the members and community influencers who are active in the community space. Therefore, a certain amount of achievement badges are set up according to these conditions.
    • For example, the founding badge of honor awarded to members who entered the community early and purchased a pass.
Contribution badges will be able to exchange for community benefits, including but not limited to: founding member pass, enrollment qualification for project whitelist or investment share, participation in business advocacy, community paid research papers and courses.

How to begin as a contributor?

Join, retweet, sign up and receive a "Rally for Heroes" badge, and the community will give you the appropriate status

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