How to get CIG Badges?

Contribution Badge Reward Rules

Basic Contribution

  1. Invite new people:
    1. For every 5 people invited to Discord, the inviter gets 1 Badge; for new people who get Influencer role, the inviter gets 3-10 Badges depending on the influencer and the number of followers.
  1. Community activity:
    1. Two Badges will be awarded for reaching Level 5 speaking within Discord. Once level 5 has been reached, it will be reset to "0" and it will be counted again and the 2 Badges will be awarded.
  1. Be a mod:
For every 7 days being a mod in DC, the mod gets 7 badges.

Contribute to CIG Labs

  1. Organise CIG community events:
    1. Plan and organise a topic discussion/event within the community or on social media and you will rewarded according to the impact of the event: 5-10 Badges for the main leader, 2-4 Badges for the secondary leader.
  1. Value content output:
    1. Members of the audit team will conduct the audit and give incentives depending on the professional value of the content and its promotional value to CIG. The content must be original and submitted to CIG Labs the first time. If the content is adopted and rewarded, the original contributor agrees to share the content with CIG.
      • Contribute an original article: 2-10 Badges, including 2-5 Badges for general information and 5-10 Badges for research reports
      • Original photo content: 2-5 Badges
      • A piece of original music not less than 3 minutes: 10-50 Badges
      • Original video: 5-10 Badges for short videos of up to 60 seconds, 10-20 Badges for longer videos of more than 60 seconds
      • A podcast: 5-15 Badges

Contribute to CIG Tea Party

  1. Time-limited tasks:
    1. Join the tea party channel and complete small time-limited tasks in the channel such as official tweets, retweeting and commenting, etc. to receive Badge rewards set for that task.
  1. Join the social media growth plan:
    1. Social media accounts participating in the growth plan will receive 3-5 Badges if they grow their followers in accordance with the requirements of each growth plan.
  1. Mutual Growth Assistance
    1. Authorisation to bind social media accounts. The robot (or Mod) selects members' social media content daily and tweets it within the channel. Also members of the channel will earn 1 contribution badge for completing 3 interactions per day. interactions are:
    2. Follow members' social media accounts
    3. Retweet, like, comment and etc.
      1. (To be set and counted in the 2.0 development phase)
Note: Members who meet the reward criteria can open a ticket in the Discord Ticket channel

Special Badges Reward Rules

Professional Badge
Honor Badge

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