What are CIG Guilds

CIG Labs

CIG Labs is tasked with content output and common learning enhancement within DAO, and needs to collect, organize and output research reports on relative industry tutorials and videos as needed.
The content, whether it is macro market analysis, cutting-edge track research, potential project discovery, quality project introduction, or some white-knuckle-oriented tutorials, new tool use, investment techniques and methods of introduction, will be covered to play the role of common learning, common research and stable influence enhancement for members within DAO.

CIG Brotherhood

CIG focuses on community and community influence expansion. All Crypto Influencers or outstanding community contributors with social influence will be invited to join CIG Brotherhood.
As an influencer organization, CIG Brotherhood is responsible for the mission of influence expansion and community investment guidance, and needs to organize and conduct a series of summits, talks or other influential activities to share valuable industry views and content to the outside and online world and expand the form and platform of content export; in addition, members will participate in the introduction and recommendation of a series of potential projects to help DAO members to discover and layout hot spots in advance.
Criteria: 5K+ followers on Twitter/ 2k+ on YouTube/ 10k+ on TikTok; high fan activity; other identity endorsement and referral; high quality content creators in the community.

CIG Tea Party

If you are not an influencer or don't want to write research reports within Labs, you can totally join the CIG Tea Party, stay somewhat active in the community, participate in the activities organized within the DAO, take on the role of “Atmosphere group” and management, as well as actively retweet and follow other fellow members within DAO. You are also contributing to the community.
Criteria: Follow CIG Twitter and pass administrator verification

Proof of Contribution

In order to encourage members' to make contributions and thus make CIG DAO a sustainable organization, all explicitly joined members can receive "contribution credentials" (CIG POAP) based on time and contribution level, and can use it to get rewards such as whitelists, NFT, and equity for subsequent projects in the community, and we will also use this to decide the issuance of airdrops and token in the future.

Join us

Please join our Discord and start now!
Once you're in Discord, introduce yourself and explain what you want to do, and we'll provide you with resources, support and register you as an early contributor to the DAO.
If you want to contribute more, you can do so by: becoming a co-author of a research paper, sharing potential new projects, leading a gold rush, contributing articles, managing Discord, hosting AMA events, and more!
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