What are the roles of cig members

What are the CIG roles, and how to acquire them in discord?

Once you join CIG discord server, you are one of our members.
Introducing yourself is the first contribution that you make. Looking forward to more of your contributions to the community!
5000+ followers on Twitter, 2000+ followers on YouTube or 10,000 followers on TikTok, if you fit any one of the 3 requirements.
Web 3.0 explorers who'd love to write articles, make videos, or organize events in #📝|cig-labs.
Celebrated VC, FA, OG or leader in web3.
Early contributors with a least 10 Badges.
@CIG Mod | We are hiring
CIG DAO's moderators. If you'd like to become a CIG Mod and get more deeply involved in building DAO, please create a ticket at #🎫|tickets where you could make contacts with administers.
To verify your roles, please introduce yourself and share your social media account like Twitter, YouTube or TikTok in #🙋|introduce-yourself channel. Our mod will help assign you a role.
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