⛳ Phase 1: Launch

  1. DAO governance mechanism 1.0
  1. Establish CIG DAO Development Foundation, donors among the sponsors donate to the foundation.
  1. Issue DAOPass and airdrop to the first batch of “eligible”Influencer members.
  1. Launch a co-investment program to complete the demo project

⛳ Phase 2: Public release

  1. DAO Pass public mint (public sale or airdrop)
  1. CIG themed NFT project “Humans Without Borders”, airdrop to pass hodlers, and 50% of the proceeds will be donated to the DAO foundation.
  1. DAO Development Foundation will launch the blue chip co-ownership program and growth scholarship program to reward our community and to potential influencers.
  1. Co-investment-related functions are perfected and the co-investment program is fully launched.

⛳ The development stage

  1. CIG DAO governance mechanism upgraded and improved
  1. Issue DAO governance tokens to complete the assetisation of members' influence.
  1. Improve various tools and infrastructure in the community to achieve clarity and efficient governance of DAO and sub-DAO
  1. Jointly expand the brand influence of CIG DAO, so that all Web3 members can enjoy full rights and values CIG has to offer.
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