Guide of Notion


Notion Practical Tips

  • More comprehensive tips are available in the Notion Tutorial Center, organized by the notion Chinese community.
  • Some of the things you need to know of Notion, and the most important thing we need to remember at all times, are
      1. a Page can host any element
          • Whether it's an outbound Google Doc, a Notion database, it can put everything in one place (under a Page)
      1. Notion Database
          • Even after a database is created, it is possible to adjust the display of the database by changing the View.
          • A database that looks like a Spreadsheet can also be easily turned into a “view” display.
  • Useful commands 🗣️ command means to type the command in one line by tapping /
    • Some of the most commonly used directives.
    • /page creates a new page
    • /board-inline creates a page with an embedded signage element
    • /table-inline creates a table element embedded in the page
    • Type /create linked database to reference and display a Notion database
      • For example, if I want to reference our overall minutes database within my group, then I can
        1. type /create linked database
        1. select, or type meeting database and check
        1. in the Group column, select and filter the group's minutes (similar to Excel's filter function)
    • Type /table of content to automatically generate a table of contents. Only h1-h3 will be included in the table of contents
    • 🗣️ Another useful command is @
      With @, you can @ a member, a page (i.e. what /mention a page does)
  • UI-related
    • You can think of a page's constituent elements as being made up of nodes (like a blockchain!)
    • Each element can be dragged and dropped freely, just by dragging the six dots to the left of each element.
      • If I have a large paragraph that I want to display within a node, how should I do it?
        • Use the shift + enter key combination to make a line break within a node
    • Different ways of referencing
        1. Use /mention a page for referencing. Under the title of the page, it will show which pages are referenced
        1. Use the paste and sync function (see the Data manipulation section below for details) to make a reference. Show which pages are referenced on the referenced paragraph
  • Data manipulation
    • Remember how we mentioned that one of the biggest highlights of Notion is the database?
    • You can take a piece of text, a database, copy it freely, and synchronize it across pages, for example:
  • Let's say there is a team responsible for the maintenance of this page
  • The data manipulation section needs to be updated continuously, but there are always mistakes in copying and copying
  • Then you can just copy the data operations section in its entirety and paste it into the team's working document
  • When pasting, be careful to select paste and sync (paste and sync)
  • In this case, the text will appear in an orange frame, representing that the text is referenced and synced elsewhere

Advanced actions

  • How to add collaborators (for Notion administrators only)
    • Our notion space is a personal pro for education accounts, as opposed to a full team plan, where you can collaborate by adding unlimited guest.
      Operation method is as follows.
    • On the main page, click the Share button on the top right corner of the page
    • Click the Add member button
    • Enter the member's email address and select the access you want to give them from the drop-down box (full access, commentable, viewable), then press the Invite button
    • They will then receive an email informing them that they are invited to your page
    • After the operation, all sub-pages under the main page will have the same effect
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