Co-Invest Plan

  1. Project launch
    1. DAO member investment institutions or project parties, submit project resources including but not limited to investment shares, whitelist shares and airdrop shares, and propose the conditions required to obtain the above shares, the tasks and the maximum number of participants.
  1. Participation process
    1. Members with DAOPass are free to vote and sign up, each new project will have a special project sub-DAO, eligible members who meet the conditions and complete the tasks get the corresponding poap. If the number of eligible members exceeds the maximum number of participants, members will be selected through the poap weight ranking and level lottery according to the individual poap weight, to participate in the project share allocation.
  1. Share allocation mechanism:
    1. Based on the number of participants in the overall project, the contribution made in the project brought by different POAPs can obtain a certain allocation amount of the investment project
  1. CIG plans to use Syndicates or subsequently develop its own DAO fund investment tool to manage the investment funds and shares of each project to achieve the safety of members' funds.
Form of shares
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