CIG Vision

Our intentions:

In the world of Web2.0, giants such as Apple, Facebook and google have consolidated their positions as global monopolies. Although, countries have enforced anti-monopoly laws and regulations, the monopoly power of such giants has been further strengthened. Having a huge capital is enough to affect daily life in our society.
In order to go against the drawbacks caused by the high degree of centralisation of Web2.0, Web3.0 came into the picture as decentralised, giving back the rights and interests of each individual to the individual.
Each iteration of new technology brings a wave of wealth and power transfer. However, the vision of the next-generation Internet presented by Web3.0 has attracted large capitals, which has led to a decentralized ecology becoming precarious as Web 3.0 benefits from the prosperity and acceleration brought by capital ventures.
The members of CIG believe:
“The voice of Web3 should not be in the hands of a few giants but rather to those who truly deliver value.”
In the decentralized ecosystem of Web3.0 where the individual is the center of value, influence is hard currency, and small influences, united, can have a huge market impact. By working together, we can fight for every opportunity and success the world has to offer and define the asset value of “traffic”, which is the goal of CIG.

How will CIG drive the Web3.0 world?

Web2.0 has a huge niche market, and Web3.0 makes it feasible to invest in the long tail.
CIG hopes to unite small and medium Influencers to form a set of discourse systems against the giants so that Web3.0 can return to Web3.0, and everyone can enjoy the huge dividends brought by the development of Web3.0.
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