CIG Labs

CIG Labs is tasked with content output and common learning enhancement within DAO, and needs to collect, organize and output research reports on relative industry tutorials and videos as needed. The content, whether it is macro market analysis, cutting-edge track research, potential project discovery, quality project introduction, or some white-knuckle-oriented tutorials, new tool use, investment techniques and methods of introduction, will be covered to play the role of common learning, common research and stable influence enhancement for members within DAO.
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1. Organizational structure

1.1 Editorial Team
  • The editorial team is responsible for the day-to-day affairs of the guild, including but not limited to determining the research’s direction, member review, implementation, acceptance of research results, and determining contribution
  • Currently decided by the CIG core group
1.2 Full Members
Follow CIG Twitter, enter DC, register, complete a number of research tasks and participate in discussions, and be confirmed by the editorial team.
1.3 Participating Members
information, and publish these researches in different forms such as briefings, charts,
Follow CIG Twitter, enter DC, join the corresponding channel and register

2. Workflow

2.1 Incentive mechanism
Issue points and Badges for corresponding behaviors/contributions according to the overall incentive rules of CIG.
The credits/badges can be exchanged for CIG PASS, co-holding shares in the blue chip co-holding program and other community benefits.
2.2 Intelligence
Intelligence is the information and resources that can be of value or ahead of the industry ecology for the generation of research and education.

Intelligence handover

  • In principle, intelligence holders can directly interface with other members, agree on a topic and submit it to the editorial team to establish a project
  • In special cases, you can directly contact the editorial team.


Based on the editorial team's evaluation of the information provided, a certain amount of points will be awarded.
2.3 Research Reports
The research report is an important value output of CIG Labs, aiming at providing reference for the community to make decisions

Research Objectives

Self-declared by members of the guild
or by the editorial team centrally assigned topics

Output cycle

Depending on the importance and complexity of the project, the editorial team will determine a cycle of 1 to 4 weeks at the time of project creation


The quality of the study is controlled and evaluated by the editorial team
Based on the editorial team's evaluation of the research report, a certain number of points will be awarded
Or we can ask for a budget for points when declaring the task
Incentive points program should be publicized in notion, discord, etc. in time so official members of the guild can accept supervision of the project

3. Meeting, proposal and public announcement system

CIG Labs will be led by the editorial team and meet at least once a week to discuss the selected topic, track the progress of the project and make a public announcement of the final project.
Members can agree on the topic and the amount of points they wish to earn, and submit the project to the editorial team for approval.
Relevant research reports, information and incentives should be synchronized with discord and notion in a timely manner, and the list of relevant projects and tasks should be updated in the notion file.

4. Badge Rewards

  • Contribute an original article (requires approval): 3-10 Badges, including 3-5 general information and 5-10 research reports
  • Plan an online discussion/event: 5-10 Badges
  • Original image content (subject to approval): 2-10 Badges
  • A piece of beautiful original music and no less than 3 minutes: 10-50 Badges
  • An original video of at least 1 minute: 10-20 Badges
  • One Podcast: 5-15 Badges Labs' audit executive managers get 7 in a fixed period of time
  • RT (pass holder):3 bage
  • guest (pass holder):3-8 badge
mod (Basic salary) :
60 badge / month
or 10badge/week
*Later incentives will decline to reflect the interests of early contributors.
Badges rules- CN

5. Crypto Reports

6. Investment Research Sharing sessions

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