CIG Brotherhood

CIG focuses on community and community influence expansion. Crypto Influencers or outstanding community contributors with social influence will be invited to join CIG Brotherhood.
As an influencer organization, CIG Brotherhood is responsible for the mission of influence expansion and community investment guidance, and needs to organize and conduct a series of summits, talks or other influential activities to share valuable industry views and content to the outside and online world and expand the form and platform of content export; in addition, members will participate in the introduction and recommendation of a series of potential projects to help DAO members to discover and layout hot spots in advance.
Criteria: 5K+ followers on Twitter/ 2k+ on YouTube/ 10k+ on TikTok; high fan activity; other identity endorsement and referral; high quality content creators in the community.

Work Flow

1st Activity:set initial criteria of joining CIG Brotherhood (get ‘influencer’ role), and reward people who invited eligible influencers in Discord
Initial criteria: Web3.0 explorer, 5000+ followers on Twitter, or 2000+ subscribers on YouTube, or 10K followers on TiktTok. Launch on Twitter
Rewards: 2-10 contribution poaps reward for inviting eligible ‘influencer’. Launch in Discord
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